Weather Station

20160824_110532The South Dakota Discovery Center has a new outdoor exhibit, a weather station!

Walk around through the Butterfly Patch towards the flagpole and you will see our rain gauge and Celsius thermometer.

The observant will note that the gauge and the thermometer are both metric? Why? Because science uses metric measurements.

If you need to brush up on your Celsius you can convert to Fahrenheit by multiplying the Celsius temperature by 1.8 then adding 32.

OR, you can remember the poem:

30 is hot. (86°F)
20 is nice. (68°F)
10 is chilly. (50°F)
0 is ice. (32°F)

Other important Celsius temperatures:

180° is for baking (356°F)
100° is for boiling water (212°F)
37° is people temperature (98.6°)
-2° is a hard frost (28°)

What other temperatures do you use regularly?

Data from the rain gauge is more than just for fun. We will be entering those readings into the GLOBE database as part of the Global Precipitation Measurement campaign to ground validate satellite data. Teachers, if you would like to participate, let us know!