2016 Best for Last Was Better Than Ever


The Best for Last countdown raffle featured good music, good food and drink, and most of all good fun on Thursday November 17, all for a good cause.

Grand prize winners Lisa Stanley & friends, Carrie Mikkonnen and Cindy Bechard negotiated to split the $10,000 grand prize after first eliminating the ticket of final five contestant Tom Gilsrud and Joan Serfling, then that of John and Callie Morris.

Stanley & friends got into the final ten eligible tickets by winning a bonus ticket in the auction held when only 8 tickets remain.

Mikkonnen’s name was drawn out of the Loser’s Boost (second chance) jar and placed back into the drawing when only nine tickets remained.   She opted to get back into the drawing rather than take the sure thing prize of two round trip tickets to Denver, supplied by ADI. The tickets were won by Dawn Morris who was the second Loser’s Boost ticket drawn out.

Bechard got into the final five the hard way.  The original ticket she purchased stayed in the bin the whole night resulting in her sharing the $10,000 grand prize  with Stanley and Mikkonnen.

Adam Mathiowitz was the first ticket pulled out, which meant he was first loser but also the first winner of a new prize, a two night stay at The Diamond House, an upscale VRBO in Omaha.

Terri Iverson was the 200th ticket pulled out which won her a pair of airplane tickets to Denver.

Other winners throughout the night were:
$25  Cori Weinheimer
$50  Vicki & Rick Murray
$75  Brittany & Steve Novotny
$100 Patrick Callahan
$125 Dallas McKinley
$150 Ryan Krueger
$175 Dawn Morris
$225 Mary Keeler

A complete list of tickets and their ranking is available here.