Registration Open: Women in Science Conference

Women in Science is a conference for for middle and high school girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Girls who say they do not like science or math, should definitely attend!

Registration open March 2!

You can register online for the 2017 Central South Dakota Women in Science conference.

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Our Keynote Speaker will be Holly Hoffman!

Motivational speaker Holly Hoffman and former reality show Survivor contestant will inspire you with real life lessons about how to go for your big goals and overcome big challenges so they don’t overcome you!

Holly says:

As we survive life’s challenges, we come face to face with fear and uncertainty.  Challenges may allow us to step out of our comfort zone and push ourselves above and beyond our own self-limitations.

 It is how we choose to overcome challenges that make us who we are. It is our strength in times of difficulty that prove our character and self worth.  As I share my experience of being on a reality show, I encourage you to think about how you decide to survive on a daily basis.  I will encourage you to think about six words to develop your survival skills.

With my six simple words, you can take on any challenge you are faced with. Adversity is not so much contending with problems as it is learning more about who you really are and what is inside of you.  Join me and explore what your true survival skills are

We also have an exciting line up of hands-on breakout sessions with practicing women professionals. Choose from:

Female / Iron man
Join researchers at USD and explore the fascinating field of small, teeny, tiny particle science (nanotechnology), which behave in strange ways. Synthesize your own ferrofluid nanoparticles and investigate their behavior in the presence of magnetic fields.

Fish Management 101
What is fisheries management all about? See and explore fish species native to the Missouri River in the Game Fish and Parks touch tank. You will be allowed to handle the fish, and learn about the different adaptations each fish has to living life in the Missouri River.

Girls Play with Trucks, Too! 
Women in the fire service are becoming more prevalent today. How can you prepare yourself to become a firefighter? Join Pierre’s 1st Lieutenant in hands-on activities and explore bunker gear, face masks, air tanks, tools, a whole firetruck, and much more. Learn valuable fire safety information for you to share.

Math: The super-secret language the universe uses to talk to itself
It took us 1,700 years to figure out something bees instinctively know: hexagons are excellent. The ancient Greeks listened to their cryptic oracles, but these days we use statistics to predict the future. Math isn’t something you may or may not use at some indeterminate future time – it’s a language that describes everything that is happening, inside us and all around us, right now. Let’s eavesdrop! Explore mathematical hands-on theories, such as game theory, payoff matrices, and the decoder ring to learn ways to encrypts secret messages.

Minerals and Rocks in Body Care Products
Did you know volcanic ash is used in pumice scrub? Explore a variety of natural raw materials and end products made from those minerals and rocks. Make your own powder blush and lip gloss.

Science on the Wing (Bird Banding Demonstration)
Why do wildlife biologists band birds and how do they do it? Come outdoors to set up nets, take birds out of nets, band birds (placing aluminum anklet with a unique ID number), and record scientific data and learn everything about migratory songbird banding.

Surface Water Quality
Explore how the surface water quality in South Dakota impacts all of us and what the Department of Environment and Natural Resources does to help protect the surface waters of our state. Join a natural resource engineer in hands-on activities around the protection of surface water quality.

The Real CSI
Explore the science of Forensics and discover how much of real forensic science exists in television shows. Join a forensic scientist in hands-on activities such as processing items for fingerprints. Learn how to collect, preserve, and compare fingerprints.

The Science of Caring
Join a critical care registered nurse on a day in the Emergency Room and learn what it takes to save lives: explore CPR, measuring intakes and outputs, taking vital signs, Doppler pulses, and basic medication calculations.

Transportation Logistics
Most products we see, eat or wear will arrive via the trucking industry. Climb into a truck and explore autonomous (self-driving trucks) and the technology used to develop communications. Come on a journey of opportunities ranging from the engineering of a truck to the delivery of products.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Sanford Lab
Join the Sanford Lab scientists in the search for Dark Matter, deep in an underground lab, one mile below the surface in Black Hills, South Dakota. Solve puzzles and search for clues to unlock the secret combinations in a Sanford Lab Breakout game! Along the way, we’ll learn about careers at Sanford Lab and a little bit about the internationally renowned science experiments happening here.