South Dakota History Adventures

Fort Pierre is 200 years old and we are celebrating with
South Dakota History Adventures
May 8-11.

Students in Grades 4 – 6 will have a day of hands-on learning fun, experiencing and exploring the history of the area with:

  • A river boat trip. Fort Pierre was a bustling steamboat town. Experience the community from the perspective of the river.
  • Lakota Star Show. The Lakota people were among the original settlers of Fort Pierre. Learn their star stories in this colorful planetarium show at the South Dakota Discovery Center.
  • Railroad Museum. Before we had cars and the internet, there were trains and Morse code. Learn how technology opened the West.

PLUS, each group gets to pick a 4th program option. Choose from:

  • National Guard Museum – Explore the daily life of a 19th century soldier by comparing your schedule with his.
  • Cultural Heritage Center – Get going in a search for various means of transportation in the museum exhibits.
  • Casey Tibbs Rodeo museum – Explore rodeo and Western way of life with an exhibit scavenger hunt.


  1. Cost is $9 per participant. A participant is a student, teacher or chaperone. An invoice will be sent for the number of participants noted on your registration. Please submit payment by April 30.
  2. Maximum group size per registration is 30 students. You may combine multiple classes in one registration as long as your group size consists of 30 or fewer total students. If the combined classes number more than 30, please divide into smaller groups and register each group individually.
  3. We require a ratio of one (1) adult chaperon for every ten (10) students with a minimum of two adults. Chaperons can include the classroom teacher, aides, parents or other adult 18 or older.
    1. 2 chaperons – Required minimum for groups of 20 or less, including groups of 10 or less.
    2. 3 chaperons – Required minimum for groups of 21 – 30.
    3. You are welcome to bring more!
  4. Please bring sack lunches. You are only given a half hour for lunch. Our experience is that this is not enough time to eat in a fast food restaurant. We will arrange indoor picnicking in case of inclement weather.
  5. Speaking of inclement weather, we roll rain or shine. Please ensure that your students are dressed appropriately,especially for the boat ride. It is often 10° – 15° colder on the water than on land. We suggest blankets and heavier coats for the boat if it is below 60°.
  6. Our programs are spread out at various locations. Being on time is important to ensure that your students maximize their time at each program. Below is a map with program locations. Please note that the boat location is tentative. It may change.

This program made possible by the South Dakota Humanities Council. 

Thank you to BankWest and the
Pierre Business Improvement District