SD Discovery Center Memberships Sales to Fund School Projects

Members receive discounts on classes, free admission year round and free/reduced price entry to other science centers around the country!

Stanley County Elementary is looking to raise funds to add a grassy play area to their playground. Sully Buttes Elementary needs supplies & equipment for their science programs. Kennedy Elementary PTO wants to continue providing classroom supply grants to their teachers. They all have partnered with the SD Discovery Center to help these efforts.

From now through May 31 you can purchase a membership to the Center in the name of one of these organizations. Twenty-percent of the membership fee will go to the group you choose.

“This is a real win for education.” says Buddy Seiner, president of the Kennedy PTO. The schools feel good about this fundraiser because the product is something families can get lots of use from and helps keep kids learning over the summer.

You don’t have to have kids in one of these schools or in school at all to support this fundraiser.

“These groups were able to participate in this first run this year.” Says Kristie Maher, executive director of the SD Discovery Center. So anyone from any school or city can join the SD Discovery Center through this program. If you support one school this year, you can choose a different school next year, if you like.

Family, grandparent or gift membership are available for $50. Classroom or daycare memberships start at $75 and can be use for teacher gifts. Businesses and organizations who wish to support one of participants and/or the SD Discovery Center have membership options, too. There is even an option to donate a membership to a family that might not otherwise afford one.

Memberships last for a calendar year and have many benefits. These include free admission to the Center plus free admission to over 280 addition science centers. Members also get discounts on science workshops and birthday parties.

Which worthy project will YOU support with a membership? Buy a membership today!