21st Century Community Learning Centers

21st Century Community Learning Centers have access to SD Discovery Center resources to enrich their programming time with fun and educational hands-on learning. Whether you want professional development for your staff or turn key, ready-to-go activities that make your out of school time program THE place to be for kids, we can help!

GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) kits.

These science kits provide all the materials you will need to help students investigate science (biology, earth science, chemistry) and math (probability, geometry, multicultural arithmetic) with inquiry-based hands-on activities for grades pre-K-8. Kits are on loan on a 1-month basis. See the full list.

Other kits to loan:

  • KNeX’ Education kits-Transportation (ages 3-7),
  • Lifecycles (ages 4-8),
  • Elementary Math and Geometry (grades 1-5),
  • DNA Replication and Transcription (grades 5-11),
  • Solar Energy (grades 6-12) GPS kit,
  • Inventing to Learn kit and
  • Insect Discovery kit.

Kits are available on a first come, first serve basis.   To reserve your kit, email suedouglas@sd-discovery.com or call the Discovery Center at 224-8295.  Your site will be charged only the $15 restocking fee per kit (regular non-member fee is $50 per kit).  Your site is responsible for return shipping.

Monthly Science Programs

Would you like monthly science programs at your site? We can make this happen! Our staff can set up a schedule to visit your after-school or Fridays off days once a month. We will bring new, hands-on activities that your students will love. If you are interested, please email suedouglas@sd-discovery.com.

Digital Planetarium programs.

Our experienced staff would love to share the magical world of Greek,Roman and Lakota constellation stories, moon phases and planet/deep space exploration with your students using our new colorful digital star lab. Contact Sue to discuss program dates and options.

Let’s Move Traveling Exhibit

This is a small space friendly exhibit dedicated to a big celebration of healthy living! The six stations based on the Let’s Move initiative provide interactive explorations into healthy lifestyle choices: move every day, play on your feet, drink smart, prepare meals at home, eat fruits and vegetables, and play outside. Two sets of hands-on fully resources activities, wellness and arts, double the activity time! http://letsmovesouthdakota.org/activities/

Family Festivals

Family science festivals are a great way to connect families around science. Fun, hands-on festivals come fully resourced (some consumables the responsibility of the host institution). Everything you need to organize, set up and equip your volunteer staff included. With three exciting, family friendly topics to choose from, your program could host a different festival every year and then start the whole cycle over again.
– Build It
– Water Festival
– Let’s Move!

Nature Clubs

Get your kids outside with hands-on exploration of nature.

Things to do every day:
Things to do every week:
  • Nature journal
  • GLOBE, WET, WILD, Learning Tree activities (training required)
  • Nature book club
Things to do every month:
  • World Water Monitoring Challenge
  • Hike to a local park or nature spot in all kinds of weather (be sure to dress appropriately). What’s the same, what’s different? Pick up trash along the way.
Things to do seasonally:

Is funding for supplies an issue? Check out the Watershed Education Supplies and Tools mini-grants. Some of the supplies and tools to do the activities above may be eligible!