Make Your Mark On Discovery Town


You can help build the SD Discovery Center’s newest exhibit—Discovery Town where kids will discover the science behind jobs in our town; vet, dentist, florist, engineer, and MORE!

Design a tile at Pottery 2 Paint that reflects you or the SD Discovery Center. Create a tile for you self, your family or your club. Your tile will join with many others to create a beautiful entrance to Discovery Town.

Funds raised through this painted tile project will provide the activities in Discovery Town

How to Make Your Mark

  1. Stop by the SD Discovery Center to register and pay for your tile. $100 for a large tile or 3 small tiles. $50 for a small tile.
  2. Bring yourself, your (grand)child, or friends to Pottery 2 Paint to design and paint your tile. (No actual painting required, we can have someone do it for you if you’d like)
  3. You can pay online via Paypal. Bring your Paypal receipt to Pottery 2 Paint to get your tile.
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