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Winter Classes

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PreSchool Science at the Discovery Center

What: Science FUN for little ones!! Our preschool classes will inspire your child’s love of learning with hands-on exploration.

Who: Children ages 3-5 yrs.

When: Friday mornings; 9-10:30 AM

Where: SD Discovery Center

Cost: Discovery Center members: $8; Non-Members: $10 United Way funds available. Ask when registering.

To Register: Call the SD Discovery Center at 224-8295. Limited to first 15 registrants. Minimum 5.

January 25 Terrific Turtles
Meet our pet turtles, Jan and Mesito. Find out how we take care of them, watch them move and hold them if you want to! Also, learn how turtles survive in the wild.

February 15 All About Owls
Let’s discover everything there is to know about these amazing nocturnal birds! Through games, stories, music and movement we will explore the owl’s world. We will even dissect an owl pellet to find out what he had for dinner

March 15 Colorful Rainbows!
Experiment with all the colors of the rainbow! Mix pigments and play with a variety of media (goop and play dough) in a rainbow of colors.

April 12 Spring Fling
Spring is upon us! Learn about flowers, rain, bugs and other fun spring things. Through springtime stories, crafts and social play, we will appreciate everything spring has to offer.

LEGO Elementary Engineers EXTREME!

What: Using the NEW simple and motorized Lego Education kits, your challenge will be to design and make a letter balance, a freewheel, a “clock”, “walker” and more. You will test your model by making predictions and measuring the results. Investigate even further by changing or adding features to really make your model EXTREME!

Who: Any girl or boy in grades 3-5 who have some experience working with Lego mechanical kits. This is not a beginner class.

When: Thursdays, January 10-February 13 (6 classes); 3:15-5 pm.

Where: St. Peter and Paul Family Center. Enter through the Broadway St. door.

Cost: Discovery Center members:$10; Non-Members: $15
To Register: Call the SD Discovery Center at 224-8295. Limited to first 16 registrants

This class made possible by a donation in the name of Jonathon Ollinger, NASA SOI grant and the SD Discovery Center

Lego DUPLO Dynamos

What: Build all sorts of simple machines in this fun beginner class! Build a raft to test buoyancy, a seesaw to test levers and pinwheels to study wind power. Parents are required to stay for this class.

Who: 5-6 yrs. + Parents

When: Saturdays, February 9 and 16; 10-11 AM (registration is for both Saturdays)

Where: SD Discovery Center

Cost: SD Discovery members: $5, non-members:$7 (includes tax)

To Register: Call the SD Discovery Center at 224-8295. Limited to first 14 registrants.

Lego NXT Mindstorm Robotics

What: Learn to build and program a computerized robot that really works! Working with a partner, you will build the robot, hook up the “brain” of the robot to a computer and start the programming. Program your robot to follow a planned course using touch, sound and light sensors.

Who: Boys and Girls in grades 4-6 with some basic computer programming experience.

When: Mondays and Thursdays beginning March 4-March 21
(6 classes)

Where: St. Peter and Paul Family Center

Cost: Discovery Center Members: $10, Non-Members: $15 United Way funds available. Ask upon registration.

To Register: Call the SD Discovery Center at 224-8295. Limited to first 14 registrants.

Early Release Days at the Discovery Center

What: One afternoon a month, on the Pierre School’s early release days your child will get a chance to have some hands-on SCIENCE fun at the SD Discovery Center. Kids will make a snack as part of the theme and create a craft to take home.

Who: Kids in grades K-6. Parents are asked to stay with children under the age of 7.

When: 1-5 pm. Come and Go. Kids generally stay about 2 hours.

Where; SD Discovery Center

Cost: Members: $5, Non-Members: $7. No registration required.

January 30 Creative Construction
• Work with others kids to build a newspaper dowel dome as large as you can (you can go inside when it’s finished)
• Create a large bridge and test its strength by standing on it
• Play a board game using marshmallows and toothpicks as bricks and beams to make a strong structure
• With the help of an adult, learn to use a saw and hand drill
• Free build with Knex’ and Legos

February 27 Chemistry
Celebrate National Science Day with chemistry creations

March 27 NanoDay
Learn all about the science of teeny, tiny things