GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) is an international science and education project that involves students in investigating the Earth’s Systems through collecting data using standardized protocols, reporting data using an internationally accessible database, and participating in scientist initiated research projects and field campaigns.

GLOBE is active in 112 countries with over 66,000 teachers participating world wide.

Students who participate in GLOBE:

  • collect and report data on local environmental conditions to an internationally accessible data base,
  • contribute data to field campaigns coordinated by scientists, and
  • do research using data collected from their school’s site and sites around the world.

GLOBE equips teachers to meet standards by using science and engineering practices to explore disciplinary core ideas.

While the GLOBE resources are freely available through the website, only GLOBE trained teachers can enter data into the GLOBE database. The database is a connection to thousands of other students and teachers around the world as well as research scientists.

Check out  our Professional Development page for upcoming GLOBE training opportunities.

Elementary GLOBE

Elementary GLOBE is designed to introduce your students to Earth Systems Science.

Elementary GLOBE uses engaging stories to explore
disciplinary core ideas such as water, weather, Earth systems and more! Each story is extended with fun, hands-on activities that explore our world.

Check out these exciting resources at

Small Grants for GLOBE materials

20151106_094044Teachers and out-of-school program leaders are invited to apply for a minigrant of up to $750 to reimburse purchases of tools and supplies to implement GLOBE in the classroom.

  • Applicants must be GLOBE trained.
  • Applicants must enter data into the database within a calendar year of receiving the grant.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis, on the change of the season. Funding notifications will be provided within 10 days.

Complete this application.

No purchases made before notification will be reimbursed.

The South Dakota Discovery Center is a US GLOBE Partner. To bring a GLOBE training to your district, contact Anne today.