Let’s Move!

About the Exhibit

The Let’s Move South Dakota exhibit is a traveling exhibit that helps South Dakota’s families get active, eat healthy and feel good.  Based on the Let’s Move initiative , Let’s Move South Dakota offers six stations that promote healthy lifestyle choices.

The six stations are:DSCN0889

  1. Move every day.
  2. Eat fruits and veggies.
  3. Prepare and eat meals together
  4. Drink smart.
  5. Play on your feet
  6. Play outside

The exhibit is designed to be easy to transport and small space friendly.  The exhibit can be transported in the back of a minivan or even in the trunk/back seat of a four door sedan.  Stations can be set up all at once or one or two at a time.  Each station has a footprint of about 50 square feet; the entire exhibit of about 350 square feet.

Each exhibit station features a large self-supporting sign (6’ x 4’x 1.5’) and at least one interactive experience that reinforces the take home messages of Let’s Move South Dakota.

Rental includes activities that extend exhibit learning to your programming with students and families.  Non-consumable supplies provided.  Integrate arts activities – dance, drawing, textiles, and pottery – into your wellness outreach.


The Exhibit Manual (pdf) includes:
– Set up instructions
– Learning goals and objectives
– Media kit

If you need additional information about the exhibit, please contact exhibit coordinator at 605-224-8295.


Let’s Move offers two types of activities: Standard and Arts. Standard activities focus on healthy eating and fitness while arts activities integrate the arts into understanding and promoting healthy habits.

Standard Activities

South Dakota Harvest of the Month
Objective Students will sample produce to encourage fruit and vegetable consumption.

Download Activity: South Dakota Harvest of the Month (pdf)

Drink Smart 
Objective Students will understand how we become dehydrated and why it is important to drink water to replace liquids.

Download activity: Drink Smart (pdf)

Meet PALA Plus: Being Active 
Objective Children will know what activity goals for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award PLUS are.They will do at least a half an hour worth of activities.

Download activity Meet PALA Plus: Being Active (pdf)
Exercise Log (younger children)
Exercise Log (Older children and those who want to track healthy eating habits)

Play On Your Feet
Objective Children will create and use a spinner to help them to be active during screen time. Children will strategize activities to do in lieu of screen play.

Download Activity Play On Your Feet (pdf)
Download Spinners  

Arts Activities

We offer activities that extend the exhibit concepts and learning using art. Bring the creative side to getting fit, eating right and feeling good.

Streamers Galore
Objective:Students create visual art through movement and color

Download Activity: Streamers Galore (pdf)

Still Life
Objective: Students will arrange a still life using fruits and veggies, glassware, dishware to help them see fruits and vegetables in an artistic setting.

Download Activity: Still Life

Pinch Pot
Objective:  Students will create a pinch pot to form a drinking vessel.

Download Activity: Pinch Pot

Weaving a Place Mat
Objectives: Children will create a place mat or trivet to be used at family meal times.

Download Activity: Weaving a Place Mat

Exhibit Rental

Rental: $250/week, $1000/month.

To book the exhibit contact Anne at 605-224-8295