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Spring and Summer 2017 Professional Development

Grow Lab
Great Explorations in Math and Science Earth Science
GLOBE Learning Expedition
Lake and Stream Ecology


We now offer contact hour certificates for participating in approved webinars. Stay on top of your professional development requirements when it works for you! Have a few hours while the kids are at soccer practice? Have an unexpected snow day and can’t leave the house? Use this time to earn two contact hours!

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GEMS Earth Science Explorations

June 6-7
1 credit
Sponsored by the Space Grant Consortium.

We will focus on Earth Science for K-8 in this fun, hands-on workshop. Help your students explore and investigate Earth Science disciplinary core ideas using science practices. We’ll do a “deep dive” (oceans) on day 1. On day two, we’ll go to shore (geology) to sky (atmosphere). All participants receive a GEMS guide.
Eventbrite - GEMS Earth Science

GLOBE Learning Expedition

June 13-16
2 credits
Sponsored by the 319 Information and Education Project

This field based, cross curricular workshop is for your professional AND personal development. We spend one day in the classroom and three in the field primitive camping and kayaking one of South Dakota’s rivers doing GLOBE field studies. We also journal, map, and explore.

The trip is outfitted so other than your personal items no special gear is necessary beyond your willingness to be an explorer.

GLOBE Learning Expedition South Dakota is for teachers who are new to and experienced with GLOBE. Begin or further your adventure with GLOBE. GLOBE trained teachers in South Dakota are eligible for stipends, mini-grants, and special travel opportunities.

Please register using the link below. After registering, you will be sent information on how to set up a GLOBE account. Please set this up BEFORE the class.

Eventbrite - GLOBE Learning Expedition


August 7-8
Pierre, SD
1 credit
Sponsored by the 319 I&E Education Project with support from the Space Grant Consortium

GLOBE is an international science and education project sponsored by NASA and NOAA. Involve your students in Earth Systems investigations and research through collecting data, reporting to an international database, and participating in field campaigns and ground truthing of satellite data.

GLOBE teachers are eligible for stipends, minigrants for supplies and other exciting opportunities. Don’t just teach science, DO science!

Please register using the link below. After registering, you will be sent information on how to set up a GLOBE account. Please set this up BEFORE the class.
Eventbrite - Basic GLOBE

Lake and Stream Ecology and Water Quality Workshop

July 12-14, 2017
NeSoDak (Enemy Swim Lake, Waubay)
1 credit (pending)

Sponsored by the 319 Information and Education Project

The workshop offers both a two and three day curriculum.  The two day workshop is designed for lake associationn members and resource agency personnel who want to learn more about lake and stream ecology and non-point source pollution.

A three day workshop is offered for teachers and graduate students interested in earning graduate credit or continuing education units.

Workshop activities include

  • field trips to nearby streams, lakes and reservoirs to collect and identify aquatic invertebrates,
  • hands-on use of basic water quality testing equipment;
  • classroom activities that include the lake game, delineating watersheds, building a seechi disk and collecting sieve; and
  • lectures on basic limnology and non-point source pollution identification and prevention.

Participants will also take home a voucher collection of aquatic invertebrates collected during the workshop.  There is no cost for the workshop however participants wishing to earn graduate credit and/or continuing education units will need to pay the fees for these credits.

More information including how to register and syllabus at: Northeast Glacial Lakes Workshop.

About South Dakota Discovery Center Professional Development Opportunities

The South Dakota Discovery Center’s professional development opportunities equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and abilities to integrate hands-on, experiential learning into their classroom.  Our accredited workshops provide teachers with classroom ready activities that engage students in exploration, investigation, and discovery.

  • Early childhood to high school, we offer something for every grade band.
  • Standards and best practices are important to you, they are important to us.  We understand the importance of standards and best practices, including the Framework for K-12 Science Education and the new South Dakota science standards.
  • College, Career and Life Ready –  Our workshops will help your students become college, career and life ready through high quality, inquiry based, experiential learning. The 4 C’s – communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking –  are infused in our workshops.

Current professional development themes are:

Environmental science – We use a suite of curricula including GLOBE, Project WET and the Leopold Education Project to provide you exemplary science teaching and learning opportunities for your classroom. Explore disciplinary core ideas in the context of cross cutting concepts using science and engineering practices.

Contact Anne for more information about a professional development opportunity tailored made for you!

GEMS – Great Exploration in Math and Science. We can tailor a professional development opportunity focused around any of our GEMS kits.  No need to travel to the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley CA when the same professional development in inquiry, experiential and hands-on learning is available to you.  Contact us