Pierre Let’s Move Student Committee

LM LogoReading & Scavenger Hunt Activity Challenge!

This summer, the Pierre Let’s Move Student Committee is encouraging families to read and stay active!

Steps to Play:
1. Read the clue below.
2. Go with your family to the location the clue says and look for a sheet that has book titles on it for both K-2 and 3-5 grades.
3. Have your child read the book for his/her grade level.
4. Keep track of your reading using this form
PDF: Reading & Activity Challenge Download Sheet
MSWord: Reading & Activity Challenge Download Sheet

Turn in your completed reading track form at Discovery Center by Aug. 10th. You’ll be invited to our end-of-summer celebration and honored by First Lady Linda Daugaard!

CLUES Every two weeks, we’ll share a clue.

Clue #1 (for June 1-June 14)
Take me out to the ball game. Don’t Hyde me in the park.

Clue #2 (for June 15-June 28)
This Dakota prairie girl went to school in a one-room school house.

Clue #3 (for June 29-July 12)
Take a hike in Hilger’s Gulch and find the monument that shows why South Dakota rocks

Clue #4 (for July 13-July 26)
Flutter and fly down towards the river to see all of the beautiful insects in this USFWS and GF&P garden just for them.  

Clue #5 (for July 29-August 2)
In Hilger’s Gulch is a piece of a tower we shall never forget that came all the way from the Big Apple.

Pierre Let’s Move Student Committee

The Pierre Let’s Move Student Committee provides opportunities for local youth to promote and engage in healthy activities throughout the community. Please contact the SD Discovery Center 224-8295 for more information.

The committee members have created a calendar with weekly activities. Join us as we commit to moving and making healthy choices each week!

Pierre Let’s Move Student Committee Weekly Healthy Activity Calendar
Ideas from Let’s Move Student Committee Members:
Georgia Morse Middle School Students Ela, Regan, Sophia, and Xzaria, 
Jefferson School Students Crew, Emily, and Henery
Week of…
7/6/2015 Ride a bike with your friends for 60 minutes
7/13/2015 Go swimming for 1 hour in the river or at the pool
7/20/2015 Walk or run 1 mile three times
7/27/2015 Eat a different fruit everyday
8/3/2015 Go for a walk with friends or family
8/10/2015 Play basketball for 60 minutes
8/17/2015 Play at the beach and build a sand castle
8/24/2015 Play badminton or tennis for 30 minutes
8/31/2015 Try a new fruit
9/7/2015 Park at the end of the parking lot to walk further to the store everyday
9/14/2015 Walk five miles
9/21/2015 Give up pop for the whole week
9/28/2015 Play outside for 60 minutes three days
10/5/2015 Dance with your friends or family to music
10/12/2015 Rake leaves on your block or for a neighbor that needs help
10/19/2015 Walk around the gulch or your neighborhood  .
10/26/2015 Eat yogurt instead of candy
11/2/2015 Eat only fruits or vegetables for snacks
11/9/2015 Go hunting or fishing
11/16/2015 Give up a sugary drink
11/23/2015 Go bowling or set up empty toilet paper rolls and use a ball to bowl at home
11/30/2015 Play volleyball or basketball for 60 minutes
12/7/2015 Do 50 jumping jacks every day
12/14/2015 Eat a serving of vegetables every day
12/21/2015 Walk around the block four times
12/28/2015 Go sledding