Family Festivals

Our Family Festivals-To Go are designed to make it as easy as possible to host a fun, educational family event.

Water Festival            Build It Festival           Let’s Move Fitness Festival

All festivals include:
–set-up instructions, with photos for easy use
–activity station step-by-step plans for the families, with photos
–majority of the festival’s supplies
–journals for each family to use during the festival and take home as a souvenir.

The Family Festivals-To Go kits may be loaned for a maximum of 2 weeks.
21st Century CLCC                  Contact SD Discovery Center
Discovery Center Members      $350 + Shipping
Non-Members                            $400 + Shipping

Price includes one way of round trip transport, either out or return; to be determined at time of scheduling. Borrowers are responsible for the other way.

NOTE: Cost sharing is available for the Family Water Festival-To Go through the 319 I&E Project. Please call 605-224-8295 and ask for Anne or e-mail for details.

Funding for the development of these kits is provided by a SD Department of Education 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant to the SD Discovery Center.

Build It Festival Success!

We received this email recently from the YES out of school program. Pictures below!

Thank you so much for allowing us to use the Family Build It Festival materials!! The families had so much fun, and it was awesome to see even our littlest kiddos attempting the most advanced building projects.

Like I mentioned to you on the phone, there is absolutely no way that we would have been able to put on such an elaborate event without the resources you provided to us. The signs, materials, project ideas and event resources were excellent and absolutely EVERY single thing we needed was there and ready for us- even something as simple as newspaper!

An event with this amount of preparation would have been time and cost prohibitive to us had you not given us everything that you did! Truly, truly excellent.

Just so you know for others that try it, we set up our tables with your stations around the outside of the gym and had families complete those activities. Those families that completed the activities and filled out the Family Build It pamphlet were given a water bottle as a thank you for attending! We also had treats to accompany the event.

In the center of our gym we put out a rug and a mat and had Lego tables and large wooden blocks for the children to complete additional building projects. The only thing I would change about that for next time is that I would have had a challenge written out to accompany those tables instead of having a completely free build station.

The last touch we added was music in the background to make it truly feel like a fun and festive event.