Watershed Info and Education

Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes

The ultimate goal of the South Dakota 319 watershed information and education project is clean water through watershed protection. The primary objective of the Information and Education Project  is that citizens support and voluntarily participate in programs and practices that protect watersheds.

The measurable outcomes that will achieve this objective are:

  • Outcome 1. Increased awareness and/or knowledge of watershed ecology.
  • Outcome 2. Increased awareness of non-point source pollution causes, effects and remedies and awareness of and participation  in non-point source best management practices.
  • Outcome 3. Increased capacity to deliver non-point source information and education.

For more information or to arrange to utilize these resources, please contact Anne Lewis


The SD Discovery Center through the 319 I&E Project offers the following watershed information and education resources:

Mini-Grants: The SD Discovery Center administrates provides several minigrant projects:

Volunteer Monitoring: A citizens monitoring project conducted through the East Dakota Water Development District.

Water Festivals: Start up funds are available to bring a water festival, a hands-on learning event for 4th-6th graders, to your community. Some limitations apply.


  • Educators – Learn how to integrate watershed learning and explorations into your classroom.
  • Agency staff – Learn how to give effective, engaging, hands-on presentations.
    • Project WET is an internationally recognized curriculum that has trained thousands of educators to implement hands-on learning about water.
    • The Leopold Education Project is a resource for understanding watershed conservation.
    • GLOBE is an international science and education project that involves students and youth in monitoring major earth systems.

Support for World Water Monitoring Challenge. Bring water quality monitoring to your community’s schools, Scout groups, 4H clubs and other youth organization. You can request a World Water Monitoring Challenge kit after completing a short training. World Water Monitoring Kit Info

Envirothon is a  natural resources competition for teams of 5 high school students. Students complete in skills and knowledge regarding aquatic ecology, soils, forestry, wildlife and a current issue.