South Dakota Leopold Education Project

The Leopold Education Project uses the writings of Aldo Leopold, primarily A Sand County Almanac to help students explore and think about the natural world.  Participants will learn to “read the landscape” and in the spirit of Leopold use their journals to record data, make observations, analyze situations, reflect on questions. The South Dakota Leopold Education Project is offered as a part of the outreach on watershed protection.

The South Dakota Leopold Education Project offers hands-on training in using Explore the Outdoors with Aldo Leopold.  The activities cover a variety of topics for a variety of age levels. Training also includes keeping a nature journal, participating in the World Water Monitoring Challenge, and soil painting.

To schedule a half day training, please contact Anne Lewis.

Capturing the Digital Landscape is a primer on digital nature photography.   Aldo Leopold and his son Carl were both accomplished amateur photographers.  This presentation will introduce you to the basics of digital photography.