Volunteer Monitoring

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The 319 Information and Education Project supports several monitoring programs.

A citizens monitoring program, Dakota Water Watch, is coordinated through the East Dakota Water Development District as part of the outreach effort to adults and communities.

You can read the latest report from Dakota Water Watch (2013-2014)

Two youth and student based programs are also supported: the World Water Monitoring Challenge and the GLOBE program.

The  World Water Monitoring Challenge™ (WWMC) is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness of and involvement in watershed protection by getting citizens involved in basic monitoring of their local water bodies.

Participants collect data on dissolved oxygen, pH, water clarity and temperature.  Macroinvertebrate data may also be entered.

Involve your class, out of school time program, home school or youth group (Scouts, 4H) by collecting data on a local lake, river, stream, pond or wetland and entering that data into the WWMC database.

No monitoring equipment? No problem!

You can get World Water Monitoring Challenge kits by completing the short online training.  Please allow 4 weeks for kits to arrive.

The GLOBE program is a new edition to the 319 I&E outreach that will start in April 2014 with a train-the-trainer session in Rapid City.  GLOBE engages students in the study of soils, water, and atmosphere–essential components of the watershed setting–using scientifically valid methods.