Participate in a NASA or GLOBE webinar and you can get a contact hours certificate for two hours!

We know you’re busy. Sometimes you need a little extra incentive to make time for the important work of your own professional development. For this reason, the South Dakota Discovery Center is pleased to offer contact hour certificates for NASA and GLOBE webinars 45 minutes or longer.

How do you this?

Simple! It’s 1, 2, 3!

  1. View an approved webinar
  2. Write a short reflection.
  3. Submit the reflection to the Special Projects Director.

1. Watch the Webinar.

While there are many valuable and useful webinars on a wide variety of topics, the South Dakota Discovery Center’s mission is experiential, hands-on science teaching and learning. For this reason, we limit the webinars we authorize to a specific set of content partners.

However, if you find a webinar of interest or value to you we will be willing to evaluate on a case by case value. Please contact us before you seek the contact hours with the name of and link to the webinar, explaining how this webinar helps you teach. We may add it to our approved list.

Approved Content Partners 

Note: Your webinar MUST be 45 minutes or longer. If it does not meet this minimum length, you will be asked to supplement your work.

2. Write the Reflection

Once you have watched the webinar, we ask you to reflect on it. What do we mean by reflection? We use the Four R’s:

  • Recall or review the content.
  • Relate something in the webinar to your current understandings or practice.
  • Remark on something interesting, new, or challenging presented in the webinar.
  • Revise any previous conceptions or understanding because of something you learned in the webinar.

Please note: These reflections will be added to a curated public archive and may be shared with the webinar organizers. In order to make the reflections useful to others, please use the rubric.


Your reflection must have:

  • A short personal introduction with where and what you teach.
  • The name of the webinar you watched and the date you watched it.
  • A summary of the webinar content (the first R).
  • At least two of the other R’s (relate, remark, revise)
  • A document name using the Webinar Name and your Last Name.

You may be asked to expand or revise your reflection at the discretion of the Special Projects Director.

3. Submit Your Reflection

Submit your reflection to the Special Projects Director. You may also share via Google Docs but please be sure that the privacy settings allow the Special Projects Director to comment and anyone with the link to view.

Questions? Contact the Special Projects Director for more information.