Camps and Classes

Camps and Classes

Teaching Mission

All programs of the South Dakota Discovery Center deliver hands-on exploration that builds passion for and knowledge of science across generations; students, teachers, families, citizens. 

Equity in Education

We believe every child deserves access to hands-on science education!
Thanks to the generosity of local sponsors, we can provide scholarships and reduced fees for families in need. 
If you are a SNAP, TANF, or WIC recipient, simply use the discount codes: SNAP, TANF, or WIC during the registration for a 50% discount.


Meet A Scientist

Have you ever wondered what a scientist does every day? Now is your chance to find...

Exhibit Hall Closed

Exhibit Hall Closed for Best for Last set up.

Star-Struck Planetary Race

Taking place at the end of the City of Pierre's Parade of Lights, Nov. 21, 2022,...