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Our STEM Teaching Kits make it easier for you to integrate hands-on learning into your teaching by gathering the materials for you. Every kit comes complete with the lesson plans and all the non-consumable materials you will need. These hands-on kits provide the opportunity for your students to not just learn about but actually DO science.

If you have any questions about our Lending Library, please contact Allison.

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Curriculum Kits

These kits were made for teachers!

The kits provide all of the materials for students to investigate science and math topics with inquiry based, hands-on activities. Teachers can use the provided teachers manual and curriculum guide to lead the classroom on multiple sessions of fun.

Rental fee: $50
(waved for educator members)
Restocking fee: $15
Shipping fee: Applied to all shipped kits.

Activity Kits

Bring the hands-on to your science lesson.

These kits contain a single activity to bring lessons to another level. Many of the activities are suited for informal learning settings such as afterschool programs, summer camps, libraries, scouting groups, community organizations. The activities can also be adapted by educators to use in formal K-12 classroom settings.

Educator Member only rentals
Restocking fee: $15
Available for pick up only