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 Our STEMventure Exploration Kits make it easy for you to transform any informal or formal lesson into a fun, hands-on STEM learning opportunity!

We’ve gathered the materials and information for you, and with an Exploration Kit, you can incorporate science learning fun right into your teaching or activity. These kits range from curriculum enhancement that integrate Indigenous Knowledge to hands-on STEM activities that engage all learners.

Our STEMventures are an important tool for institutions and organizations that need science instruction support. Access to STEMventures is a huge benefit to children and students, encouraging engagement with their science identity and building their curiosity.

If you’d like to dive deeper into science, bring a SD Discovery Center Museum Educator to you through our STEMventure Traveling Programs!

If you have any questions about our Exploration Kits, please email

$200, includes full kit of materials and instructions, plus shipping within South Dakota
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Sponsored Counties Discount (see below): 50% | $100
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Exploration Kit Request Form

STEMventures Special: Sponsored Counties
All schools and nonprofit groups from the following counties receive 50% off STEMventures Programs thanks to support from the Bankwest Foundation: Charles Mix, Davison, Douglas, Gregory, Haakon, Hughes, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Lawrence, Lyman, McCook, Pennington, Potter, Stanley, Sully, Tripp, Todd, and Walworth.

Please address your thank you note to the following address:
Attn: Charles Burke III
420 S Pierre St.
Pierre, SD 57501

STEMventure Exploration Kits
Our STEMventures Exploration Kits are for formal and informal educators to check out. They include curriculum enhancement that integrates Indigenous Knowledge and hands-on science learning activities that follow our STEM Learning Pathways. 

We are working to increase access to STEMventures through our Sponsored Counties efforts, email to learn more and to suggest potential partners.

Please note:
Our Exploration Kits are undergoing a BIG overhaul, meaning that this list will continue to change, so please contact us if you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for. You can also email to let us know if there is a subject you want us to develop an Exploration Kit for!

Exploration Kit Request Form

Downsizing: Exploring Nano

Zoom into a tiny world full of surprises! Nano lets us explore and study the most fundamental aspects of our world.

BIG Problems, tiny Tech

Nano isn’t just in the lab; we can find it everywhere! Explore how nanotechnology solves BIG problems.

Chemical Faceoff

This plus that equals . .  what now!? A reaction, a change, or something different entirely, mixing chemicals and materials yields new innovation!

Structures of Small

Explore the work of real scientists as they breakdown  little structures to their tiniest molecules to understand their potential.

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Exploration Kit Request Form

Our Teaching Mission
All SD Discovery Center programs deliver fun, hands-on exploration that builds passion for and knowledge of science across generations; students, teachers, families, citizens.

Our Teaching Framework: The Learning Pathways
Our teaching framework ensures a high-quality class standard that focuses on lasting effects to help students find their path and hone their talents beyond school while developing college and/or career readiness skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking) to grow a STEM workforce for South Dakota.

Our programs and kits offer specialty tracks for every age level and allow for age-appropriate lessons that build upon each other along the following paths:

  • EXPLORE: Naturalist, Storytelling, Environment
  • SCIENCE: Life Science, Physical Science, Space Science
  • TECH: Engineering, Coding, Entertainment 
  • HEALTH: Fitness, Cooking, Gardening

Equity in Education
We believe every child deserves access to hands-on science education! Our nonprofit rates and the generosity of donors and sponsors eliminate barriers to STEM learning and lead to authentic experiences for children and families in need.