Hands-On Curriculum

Bring STEM and STEAM learning into your classroom with hands-on teaching resources from the South Dakota Discovery Center!

Our curriculum and lesson plans support science learning in grades K-12 running the gamut from short activities that enhance your classroom goals to full units that will cover a semester of study. 


Please note:

Our curriculum and lesson plans continue to be added to and updates, so please contact us if you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for. You can also email us at info@sd-discovery.org to let us know if there is a subject you suggest we develop resources for!

Hands-On Experiences

We focus on hands-on, experiential learning (learning-by-doing) to ensure high-quality class standards and lasting impact to help students find their STEM identity and hone their talents beyond school while developing college and/or career readiness skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking) to grow a STEM workforce for South Dakota.

STEM Equity

We believe STEM is for all—every child (and adult) deserves access to hands-on science education. To ensure access, we structure learning so that everyone is engaged regardless of background or ability, and thanks to the generosity of local sponsors, we can provide scholarships and reduced fees. 

Contact us at info@sd-discovery.org or visit the
Our Teaching Mission webpage to learn more.

STEMVentures Exploration Kits

Make sure that you also check out our STEMventure Exploration Kits! They make it easy for you to transform any informal or formal lesson into a fun, hands-on STEM learning opportunity!