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Enhance education with a Traveling STEMventure Program by bringing the SD Discovery Center to you. Our Museum Educators are standing by with traveling STEMventure programs!

Our STEMventure Programs are for everyone! You can book a program during a group visit to the SDDC Exhibit Hall or as a Traveling STEMventure. STEMventure Programs are led by a SD Discovery Center Museum Educator. With programs like our traveling Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium, deep dive into hands-on STEM learning and share experiences that last a lifetime. 

Don’t forget to also look at our STEMventure Explorer Kits—a whole library of STEM opportunities for you to check out!

STEMventures is an important tool for institutions and organizations that need science instruction support. Together, we engage and supplement science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education across the state.

Traveling STEMventure Program Booking Rates:

P(IE)RRE Science 

One program


Up to 1 hour travel
(under 60 miles)

One program


Up to 2 hours travel
(60-120 miles)

Up to 3 programs


Up to 3 hours travel
(121-180 miles)

Up to 3 programs


More than 3 hours travel

Requires overnight, please inquire

Each Additional Program


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Rate Discounts:
SDDC Member Discount: 20% $200 P(IE)RRE Science ($280, $560, $720). $120 each additional program.
Nonprofit Organization Discount: 15% $170 P(IE)RRE Science ($298, $595, $765). $128 each additional program.
Sponsored Counties Discount (see below): 50% $125 P(IE)RRE Science ($175, $350, $450). $75 each additional program.
Please Note: Only one discount can be applied at a time.
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STEMventures Special: Sponsored Counties
All schools and groups from the following counties receive 50% off our STEMventures thanks to support from the Bankwest Foundation: Charles Mix, Davison, Douglas, Gregory, Haakon, Hughes, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jones, Lawrence, Lyman, McCook, Pennington, Potter, Stanley, Sully, Tripp, Todd, and Walworth

Please address your thank you note to the following address:
Attn: Charles Burke III
420 S Pierre St.
Pierre, SD 57501

STEMventure Programs

Our Traveling STEMventures bring hands-on science to your community! From exploring the universe with our traveling planetarium to the science of bubbles, there is something to engage everyone in a STEM adventure.

We are working to increase access to STEMventures through our Sponsored Counties efforts, email to learn more and to suggest potential partners.

Please note:
Our STEMventures Programs are undergoing a BIG overhaul, meaning that this list will continue to change, so please contact us if you have any questions or can’t find what you are looking for. You can also email to let us know if there is a subject you want us to develop into a STEMventure!

Book a Traveling STEMventure

Bubble Festival

These captivating, bubble-centric tabletop learning stations are packed with math and science content. The unit (a natural lead-in to Bubble-ology) includes detailed teacher assistance with classroom logistics, writing and literature extensions, and tips for setting up an all-school bubble festival.

Science of Flight

In this exciting hands-on program, students will explore the forces of flight and hone their engineering skills by constructing and testing their own fliers. It can be a great spark for science fair projects and Newton's Law lessons.

Moon Murder Mystery

Solve a moon murder mystery inspired by "Among Us" by completing a variety of tasks on an artificial moon base. Tasks include sample testing, map reading, and generating oxygen through electrolysis. Crewmates must complete their tasks and be on the lookout for imposters murdering people as they pass by.

Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium: Programs

We have a BRAND NEW traveling planetarium! Thanks to donor Jan Martin, our Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium can send observers across the universe or help them explore the wonderful, wild planet Earth! With a SD Discovery Center Museum Educator all planetarium programs can be tailored to your needs, below are a few prepared options to get you started!

Large Dome: 20’x20’ space 19’ high minimum. 40 adults or 55 young children.
Small Dome: 17’x17’ space 10’ high minimum. 20 adults or 35 young children.
*Both Domes must be inside and have access to electricity

Share the love of exploration and encourage a love of science, book our Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium today!

Request to Book Our Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium

Greek Constellations & Mythology

Constellations fill the night sky and for eons people have looked up, handing down important myths and legends that tell us about their culture and history. Navigating these brilliant cosmic stories is the central theme of this star show.

Native Skyes

The people of the Great Plains have passed down their own star knowledge for generations. Using the power of storytelling, visit the constellations that guided the original inhabitants of the Great Plains.

Moon Phases

On most nights, the most prominent object in our night sky is the moon! It is also usually the first object we notice as young children, starting out on our stargazing journey. Why does the moon change shape? Where does it go when it disappears? This star show explores why the moon seems to change on its journey around the earth.

Tour of the Solar System

Three, two, one—blast off! We are going on a tour of our celestial neighborhood! Together we fly from the sun to Pluto, making a stop to visit everything in between. This star show provides a great overview of our solar system, its planets, our only star, the Sun, the many moons, and more. 

What's in the Sky?

Even before the time of telescopes ancient people looked to the sky. Even today, sky watching is still a favorite pastime for many people. This show introduces a few easily identifiable celestial bodies in the night sky that can be seen with or without a telescope. 

Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium: Movies

Take a journey beyond the known with a science movie! These films are a great way to introduce STEM subjects.

Request to Book Our Journey Beyond the Known Planetarium

Our Teaching Mission
All SD Discovery Center programs deliver fun, hands-on exploration that builds passion for and knowledge of science across generations; students, teachers, families, citizens.

Our Teaching Framework: The Learning Pathways
Our teaching framework ensures a high-quality class standard that focuses on lasting effects to help students find their path and hone their talents beyond school while developing college and/or career readiness skills (collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking) to grow a STEM workforce for South Dakota.

Our programs and kits offer specialty tracks for every age level and allow for age-appropriate lessons that build upon each other along the following paths:

  • EXPLORE: Naturalist, Storytelling, Environment
  • SCIENCE: Life Science, Physical Science, Space Science
  • TECH: Engineering, Coding, Entertainment 
  • HEALTH: Fitness, Cooking, Gardening

Equity in Education
We believe every child deserves access to hands-on science education! Our nonprofit rates and the generosity of donors and sponsors eliminate barriers to STEM learning and lead to authentic experiences for children and families in need.